Tasik Children Foundation/Yayasan Anak-anak Tasik Sejahtera

In Summer 2019 Tasikmalaya celebrated its 387th anniversary. Its culture originates from Sukaraja, once the capital of Sukapura, now called Tasikmalaya. This Region’s slogan is ‘As A Leaf That Is Always Green’. Indeed the region is very green and a potential ‘new Bali’, with a new airport and improving infrastructure. But only today’s children will secure a dream coming true. Regent of Tasik Ade Sugianto has dedicated his life to that dream. He wants to build a new port and in so doing focus at improving family income, ever better educational facilities and particularly vocational training.

The Tasik Children Foundation assists the regional and local authorities by painting schools, providing teaching facilities and encouraging the use of the English language at all types of schools – from madrassa and pesantren to public schools. Over 60 schools were repaired, while two new school buildings were built following earthquakes. Regularly, clients from the global PA network visit Tasik and pay the full sum for substantial repairs in addition to funding TCF/YATS and its activities.

Through TCF/YATS and OTIFA a deeper understanding in the community of PA’s networks and bottom-up approaches has been created. These are required to help develop holistically integrated agri-infra projects that may lead to the construction of a new special port in Cikalong.