An OTIFA volunteer ‘on her way to save a child’, using a ‘KlikQuick’ motorcycle service

Jackets for the OTIFA volunteers

OTIFA volunteers with a mother and her child

Among the measurements done to assess a child’s nutritional status is the Mid-Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC)

Outreach Therapeutic Infant Food Agency

Over 20% of Indonesia’s children remain malnourished. PA initiated the Outreach Therapeutic Infant Food Agency on the basis of science, students’ and stakeholders’ participation, education of parents, and the distribution of lifesaving special foods, saving over 200 children’s lives through in-house assistance during 2 periods of 8 weeks. The central Government sees OTIFA as a model. In Jakarta this model already thrives.

OTIFA volunteers on their way to screen a child

MixMe sachets are provided to moderately malnourished children