The rapidly advancing economy in Indonesia thrives on the use of female power: around 50% of the population is female and with ambition and wisdom as we noticed in our projects. What happens to women in Iran affects their world view. How President Joko Widodo elegantly handled Bali’s G20 with Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping and without a meaningful Russian participation strengthened Jakarta’s hand in world affairs.

PA was privileged to assist both Indonesia and the EU to overcome airline and fish trade issues. We helped develop CSR strategies and reporting, helped introduce new food ingredients and additives, and particularly helped strategize and structure national port management. In October 2021 Government Regulation Number 101 merging Indonesia’s four port operator companies became effective – strengthening the basis for foreign direct investment (FDI) and living up to the high expectations of geostrategist Robert Kaplan in his book ‘Monsoon’. During the FDI conference chaired by PA Chairman Prof Mark Eyskens in Belgium’s Senate Mr Kaplan identified Indonesia as one of the future global hubs for maritime transport. During a top conference of the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation and the Institute of Engineers Indonesia (PII), co-organized by PA, Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi confirmed Mr Kaplan’s forecast.

But full realisation requires full implementation of President Jokowi’s human dimension priority: education and (vocational) training – within a CSR context.

H.E. Budi Karya Sumadi, Minister of Transportation, at a PA CSR-assisted infrastructure/industry conference of the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs and the Institution of Engineers Engineers (PII) in Jakarta, Indonesia. The target: new regulations and more focus at the human dimension for port management, economic growth, and Foreign Direct Investment. Subthemes: sovereignty, education and employment. (Indonesia’s port operators merger regulation)

May 2022: South-West Java’s Regency of Tasikmalaya plans to open up its economy through a new port that connects Bandung to the south and the south to the World. Left: Bupati (‘Regent’) Ade Sugianto. (Integrated agri-infra modernization project)


PA assisted Omani authorities and top industrialists with the implementation of a broadly supported Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. (The Parliament Magazine Special Edition on Oman)


PA continues to push for adequate measures by UN/WHO, European Commission, EU Member States and major agri/husbandry producers to stop the overuse of antibiotics causing Antimicrobial Resistance and to overcome the market failure that does not allow the adequate production and reserving of (still) effective antibiotics.

Member of the Indonesian Parliament Nurhayati Effendi at the official launch of the Outreach Therapeutic Infant Food Agency.

Article: BKKBN – OTIFA reduces malnutrition

Article by Ibu Nurhayati Effendi: Vice President Ma’ruf and the scourge of stunted children

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The father of all Chinese life sciences experts and former chairman of UN IACG Prof Chen Yunshi and Rio Praaning Prawira Adiningrat at a science-industry conference in Shanghai on reduced use of antibiotics in Chinese husbandry, new laws banning certain antibiotics for animals and reserving them for humans only, and the development and use of biological alternatives.

PA has assisted the ‘De Leeuw Kyiv Foundation’ (‘The Lion Kyiv Foundation’), SaveUA and Rotary International to import and distribute 10,000 water filters in Ukrainian war zones