The world changes. The European Union changes. A new European Parliament sets a different scene. There will be more openness and uncertainty that will lead to unexpected and unique opportunities.

The rather frozen relationship between Commission, Council, and Parliament of the past years did not contribute to Europe’s key democratic values, ethics and transparency. Please refer to ‘Dieselgate’, “protecting” car industries but actually sentencing them to be backward vis-à-vis China that now leads the world with electrical vehicles and performant, fast-charging, batteries. But today, new understandings of the most serious threats to our health, employment, and happiness have already led to new approaches. New alliances, new space for new initiatives, and new serious challenges from inside and out may help focus and catalyze initiatives.

PA Europe’s 27 year track record demonstrates access, knowledge, foresight, dedication, sacrifice, and stamina. Former (Prime) Ministers, (European) Parliamentarians, and scientific and regulatory experts use PA’s corresponding offices and representatives in Asia and the Gulf to complete an actionable, multifaceted and multicultural analysis. This helps Public Advice Europe fight for the right causes, at your side.