Edgar Brood Academic Chair

Dr Edgar Brood was one of Europe’s top tax lawyers. Though based in Rotterdam, Tasikmalaya won over his heart during a family holiday to Indonesia. Tragically, he lost his life while swimming in Bali; thus his wife, Ankje Grapperhaus, a dutch lawyer and lecturer at Erasmus University, and friends decided to honour his legacy by establishing the Special Academic Chair at University Siliwangi.

Since 2003, the Brood-Grapperhaus family and friends have generously supported a full-time lecturer of English and Information Technology. Today, Nanak Hikmatullah is giving this Academic Chair an impressive and effective boost: not only is he one of the most appreciated lecturers, he is, without doubt, one of the most active promoters of what may now be called Tasik’s renaissance.

The existing Mashudi Best English Speaking Student Test now takes more than 100 competing students through a public ‘grilling’ – first in groups and finally a knock-out match between five finalists. For the first time ever, in 2019, a male student won: Yadi Supriadi. Yadi was brought up by his single mother and developed an interest in the world-at-large. He started to guide European and other tourists for free just to exercise the languages that he taught himself through a computer: Italian, French and, indeed, close-to-fluent English. Yadi won the first prize: a two-month stay at the PA Europe office in Brussels.

Under Pak Nanak’s guidance, EBAC started and funded the Sukaraja-Sukapura English Teaching Project: 5 English teachers receive further training by Pak Nanak and teach additional English courses for a few hours per week at 2 secondary schools in Tasikmalaya: SDN 1 Sukapura and SMPN 1 Sukaraja.

Pak Nanak studied teaching English as a second language at the University of Edinburgh, English Language and Literature at the School of Foreign Languages in Bandung, and Political Science and English at Humboldt State University. He operates from the PA office in Kota Tasikmalaya where he shares staff with the Tasik Children Foundation (Yayasan Anak-anak Tasik Sejahtera) and OTIFA.