Herman the Bull

‘Stier Herman’ was the world’s first transgenic (human to animal) animal that was not only allowed to be created but also to reproduce and create a group of lactating cows. The human gene codifying for ‘lactoferrine’ was brought into the single cell stage of a bull, later called Herman. Lactoferrine confers immunity from mother to child. Produced in cow milk, human lactoferrine is the basis for unique medicines for persons with immunity deficiencies (for example AIDS). PA Europe crafted the strategy to introduce the new technology and to create the required legislative framework for the controlled use of this technology. An important element in this strategy was broad stakeholder support notably of patient groups such as hemophiliacs.

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Kursk and Komsomlets

The Komsomolets and the Kursk are two Russian nuclear submarines that sank in 1989 and 2000 respectively. PA Europe assisted in bringing together technical and industrial stakeholders as well as environmental groups and Russian authorities to resolve the issue. The Komsomolets was “neutralised” (it still lays on the seabed, but holes were sealed off to prevent leakage of nuclear materials) and the Kursk was successfully lifted.

PA worked intensively with Bellona on the Kursk and with Greenpeace on the Komsomolets to ensure the highest levels of environmental protection while implementing the necessary programs.


In the past 27 years, PA companies have been contracted by over 450 clients worldwide

Among the signature projects are the following:

  • The acquisition for The Hague of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (UN) and Europol (EU)
  • Major cross-border mergers/take-overs in the airline (national carrier), food/feed, banking, beverages and construction sectors
  • The lifting of the SSN ‘Kursk’ and the neutralisation of SSN ‘Komsomolets’
  • The acquisition of multi-billion industrial development projects including the construction of major energy related industrial projects
  • Ground breaking high tech projects in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors (breeding of the first ever transgenic animal, Bull Herman, and successfully introducing the first ever GM foods)
  • The adaptation of Regulation (EC) 1475/95 (car distribution); the temporary de-activation of parts of Regulation (EC) 1829/2003 (regulation of GM foods)
  • Development and execution of multidimensional socio-political marketing strategies
  • Resolving cross-border trade and transportation issues
  • International conferences on nuclear waste management, health claims, health care, food safety, international trade and corporate social responsibility
  • EU-wide effort to allow low-risk biological plant protection products to enter the European market
  • Global effort to develop new antibiotics due to irresponsible, continued overuse of antibiotics in both animal husbandry and in public health services. Only one last-resort antibiotic is still effective
  • Global effort to reduce the use of antibiotics that compensate for poor husbandry conditions and promote growth
  • EU-wide effort to ban avoidable and counter-legal car emissions and compensate damages to consumers, patients, and the environment