Through its Representative Offices in Beijing and Jakarta and its Senior Advisors throughout the region PA Asia Ltd. has been able to correctly guide clients out of serious predicaments. PA Asia offers continued internal coverage of socio-political, industrial, and technology developments as well as its characteristic SWOT/Identification Friend or Foe/Pyramid and stakeholder approaches.

Export bans, potential punitive measures, and a series of regulatory problems were successfully turned into sale expansions and the end or prevention of bans. The PA International Foundation was able to improve mutual understanding, cultural acceptance, religious tolerance, ethics and morality outside any contractual framework as a basis for positive and constructive developments. In many cases PA’s strategies led to new alliances and partnerships with far-reaching and positive consequences.

Significant Projects and Clients

Some of PA Asia’s signature projects include the resolution or prevention of airline and fishing bans, the introduction of rDNA products (‘white biotechnology’), the shift from legal proceedings to settlements, and the prevention or mitigation of societal unrest as a consequence of ill-perceived industrial actions. Among other key projects in Asia and the Middle East are large-scale port and infrastructure projects such as the contribution to the initiation and follow-through of the port of Sohar in Oman as well as the land recovery and water management projects in the Middle East, the Gulf, and Indonesia. 

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Indonesia’s capital city sinks between 1 and 15 cm each year making it one of the fasted sinking cities in the world (ITB). Jakarta relies heavily on its groundwater reserves which is destroying the aquafier beneath the city and causing the disconcerting sinking. 40% of Jakarta residents rely on groundwater which makes the area a key target of PA’s efforts to address the water security aspect of PA International’s global mission.

Furthermore, large-scale mining, manufacturing, and food safety/security projects were successfully strategised through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approaches. Other substantial projects relate to the introduction and social/political marketing of high-tech products in the food, energy, and feed sectors.