Linda Gumelar, then Indonesia’s Minister of Women Empowerment and Child
Protection, opens the “International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Combating Malnutrition: Obtaining MDGs in Indonesia” on 13-14 December 2010 in Jakarta

Then President of the European Council Prof. Herman Van Rompuy addresses the conference ‘Combatting Malnutrition through Sustainable Interventions – EU-ASEAN Relations as Key Driver’ on 8 November 2011 in Brussels

Corporate Social Responsibility

With the next phases of development of emerging economies Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) will remain essential for balanced growth. To the extent that it is correct to conclude that the application of national and international law has decreased and ethics and morality have sometimes been reduced to an afterthought, CSR may be the most effective tool for foreign investors to avoid a powerful combination of social tensions driven by corruption, crime, and poverty.

Definition of CSR

The PA International Foundation, through academic research with universities and experts, established that there remains no agreed upon definition of CSR. Jointly with the Indonesian moderate Muslim university Paramadina, an international seminar was organized on 13-14 December 2010. This conference led to two conclusions: that education, outsourcing, and healthcare create the largest and most sustained impact through CSR and, secondly, a new definition of Corporate Social Responsibility.

During the PA International high-level conference on child malnutrition on 8 November 2011 opened by then European Council President Herman Van Rompuy the following definition was launched:

“Corporate Social Responsibility starts where all existing laws and regulations end; it is an organic link between enterprising, profitmaking and social development that is conducted as a win-win solution in areas where a company requires something from society that cannot be bought and requires investment through a business plan for the company and a business plan for the society.”

PA and CSR

Ever since, PA Europe NV, PA Asia Ltd and particularly PT. PA CSR Indonesia have practiced this CSR definition in substantial regulatory and political dossiers throughout Asia, the Middle East/Gulf and Europe. In certain countries PA cooperated with government institutions and industries, creating a foundation for holistically integrated CSR approaches. In each of the cases, due to rather public involvement of key societal organizations and representatives, illegality in the dossiers was avoided.